stay excited.

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Great form is shapeless.

I'm an idealist. I work to make everything great.

I produce finishing for Significant Others at Final Cut. Commercials. Music Videos. Features.
I love to develop and foster relationships.
Details are important – sometimes life's about the little things.

I'm definitely not a vegetarian, but healthy eating is a daily practice for me.
Fresh organic juice? Local farming? I enjoy and support.
Smoked. Grilled. Cooked. How I prefer my meat. In that order.
New York City is first in my heart. San Francisco next. Chicago third.
Urban atmospheres are fascinating, but rural and suburban atmospheres motivate me.
Travel is important. I like my country and love the entire world.

Thursday is Friday Eve.
Down is up, just vertically reflected.
Problems are disguised opportunities.

The best kind of taste is that which is enjoyed in reverence.
The best kind of handshake has a firm grip and impactful eye contact.
The best kind of life is the one we're living right now.

Looking to get in touch? Feel free to email me.


Wonderful work I've done with wonderful people.

My credits involve production in one or multiple of the following areas:
online editorial / visual effects / color grading / sound design / sound mix

select commercial content

Google - Stories (2014) ed. Patrick Colman
NFL - We (2014 / Super Bowl) ed. JD Smyth
Mountain Dew - Rockets (2014 / Super Bowl) ed. Michael Dart Wadsworth
National Geographic - Anthem (2013) ed. Stephen Berger
Nike Melo - The City That Made Me (2012) ed. Matt Murphy

feature films

Hits (2014) dir. David Cross
Do You Dream In Color? (2014) dir. Abigail Fuller, Sarah Ivy
Drinking Buddies (2013) dir. Joe Swanberg
Adult World (2013) dir. Scott Coffey
WildLike (2013) dir. Frank Hall Green
Cold Comes The Night (2013) dir. Tze Chun
Blue Ruin (2013) dir. Jeremy Saulnier
Elaine Stritch: Shoot Me (2013) dir. Chiemi Karasawa
In God We Trust (2013) dir. Victor Kubicek, Derek Anderson
Oxyana (2013) dir. Sean Dunne
Mother of George (2013) dir. Andrew Dosunmu
This Is Martin Bonner (2013) dir. Chad Hartigan
Fall and Winter (2013) dir. Matt Anderson
The We and the I (2012) dir. Michel Gondry

titles / tv specials

Homegoings (2013) dir. Christine Turner
The Unsinkable Henry Morgan (2013) dir. Andrew Carrigan, Michael Haussman

music videos

Gillette - Training Tracks  (2013) dir. Michel Gondry
Justin Timberlake - Take Back The Night (2013) dir. Jeff Nicholas, Jonathan Craven, Darren Craig
Ben Folds Five - Sky High (2013) dir. David Burris
Alt-J - Taro (2013) dir. Melissa Murray

short films

Bombay Sapphire - The Other Side of the Game (2014) dir. Zoe Cassavetes
Best Friends (2013) dir. Lena Dunham
Valibation (2013) dir. Todd Strauss-Schulson
Give Into The Night (2013) dir. Sonejuhi Sinha
Crush (2013) dir. Bianca Giaever

public service announcements

Evolve Playthings PSA (2014) dir. David Kerr
Stand Your Ground PSA (2013) dir. Floyd Russ